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MP Gaurav Gogoi: In 2019 Poll PM Modi & Amit Shah Will Be Pitted Against People

MP Gaurav Gogoi-indiavotekar
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MP Gaurav Gogoi: In 2019 Poll PM Modi & Amit Shah, The son of former Assam chief minister, who was here to highlight the scams under the present dispensation at the Centre, made a scathing attack at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP for allegedly benefiting the croony capitalists while leaving out the middle class and the poor. Congress general secretary Tuesday said the 2019 election will be one where the people of India will be on the one side and Prime Minister and BJP president Amit Shah on the other side.

Our people are known for pluralism, unity in diversity but are now divided and fractured by the BJP, Gogoi, who is party in-charge of West Bengal, said. There are many issues facing the people of India in the upcoming election. None of the promises made by the BJP and Modi have been fulfilled. Young people continue to be unemployed and are frustrated, Gogoi, MP, told mediapersons.
All of these and the 2019 election will be one where the people of India will be on one side and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah on the other side, Gogoi said.

Listing out the scams and anti-people policies of the NDA government, Gogoi said they began with passing the land acquisition in 2014 and in the following year, Lalit Modi gets recommendation to flee the country to UK. The conduct of the Prime Minister during the Rafael deal in France in 2015 is highly questionable as the government is ducking, diverting and escaping from revealing the truths, he said.

In their third year, 100 have died when demonetisation was undertaken. Although it was supposedly aimed at the corrupt, those in the BJP camps benefitted. In their fourth year, Gogoi said, a wanted Nirav Modi took a picture with the Prime Minister while Mehul (Bhai) Choksy took citizenship in Antiqua where he (Narendra Modi) also visited.

And now, with the Rafael deal, instead of strengthening the security of the country, he (PM) is compromising it by reducing the number of Rafael jets from 126 to just 36 and compromising further by giving contracts to build these jets to a private company that has no track record of building fighter jets at all, the Congress leader said. PTI

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