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Samajwadi Party releases fourth list of candidates; Akhilesh to contest from Mubarakpur | Samajwadi Party releases manifesto for UP polls | Congress releases list of 63 candidates in Uttarakhand | Ticket to Rajnath Singh's son, Pankaj Singh causes resentment in the BJP in U.P. | Congress releases first list of 43 candidates for UP polls
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UP Election 2017: For Mayawati, getting Muslims is the answer but they ask questions

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One of the curiosities in this election in Uttar Pradesh, which does not seem to have a wave, and in which every moving part must be tracked specifically and separately, has to do with BSP chief Mayawati’s bid for the “Muslim vote”. The BSP gets a share of the Muslim vote in every UP election but this time, Mayawati is openly asking the community for its “ek tarafa” or one-sided vote. This time, more than in any previous election, the BSP chief has been pointed in her invitation to the community.

At her rally here in Gorakhpur on Sunday, she reiterated her main message of a strong and firm administration that would not brook any “arajakta”, “apradh”, “danga”, (anarchy, crime, lumpenism) and put an end to “asuraksha” and “terror” (insecurity and fear). But 10 min into her nearly hour-long speech, she interrupted her more general appeal to her audience to speak directly to Muslims: “The SP is divided into camps. the Shivpal camp and the Akhilesh camp, which are trying to defeat each other’s candidates.” She insinuated BJP-SP intimacies — PM Modi, she pointed out, attended a wedding programme in Mulayam Singh’s family in Saifai. And therefore, “The Muslim vote, especially, will go waste and more than that, will benefit the BJP, if the community does not vote unitedly for the BSP, whose Dalit base is ek jut (united)”.

Source : The Indian Express

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