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BJP to sweep Delhi civic elections, predict 2 surveys

According To India Vote Kar
Two opinion polls on the eve of the municipal polls in Delhi have projected a sweep for the BJP in all three corporations, with one giving the party that is now in office 195 out of the 272 seats and the other 179. The two polls placed AAP at a distant second at 55 and 45 seats respectively and the Congress even further back.

While the poll done by VMR for Times Now did not give a break-up of its seat projection for the three corporations, its tally of 195 for the BJP clearly implies comfortable wins in all three. The CVoter poll done for ABP News forecast that the BJP would win 76 of the 104 seats in the North corporation, 60 of 104 in the South and 43 of 64 in the East.

AAP, this poll estimated, would win 13 seats in the North, 21 in the South and 11 in the East. The Times Now poll put the Congress tally for all three corporations combined at just 15, while the ABP News poll gave it 26 seats consisting of eight each in the North and East and 10 in the South.

The ABP News poll gave the BJP a vote share of 41.9%, which would mean a near repeat of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. For AAP, the projected 27.5% in this poll would mean a massive comedown from the nearly 55% it won in the 2015 assembly polls.
Source : timesofindia

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